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CCBC Clubs & Organizations

SGA Hosts Meet the Candidates

The Community College of Beaver County offers its students a diverse student activities program designed to complement and enhance your academic curricula. As a busy college student, your time is valuable. However, your time as CCBC will not be complete without experiencing all that our Student Activities Office has to offer. By getting involved in student activities, you will gain value opportunities to make new friends, serve your campus and community, have tons of fun along the way, and get the most out of your CCBC education, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Co-Curricular Transcripts

Student activities are recorded on a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT).  The CCT is intended to provide each student with an official record of:

  • Honors, awards and recognitions
  • Leadership activities and organizational experiences
  • Professional and educational development training

A CCT can be used:

  • As a supplement to a student's resume file
  • As a record of college activities
  • In applicaitons for awards
  • In applications for scholarships

Please contact Fran Siters, Staff Assistant Activities, for more information on CCTs at 724-480-3462 or

Select a club below to learn more:

Alpha Eta Rho

A national aviation fraternity established to further the cause of aviation, instill a confidence in aviation, and promote contact between aviation students and those engaged in the profession.  CCBC's chapter, Alpha Phi, was chartered February 17, 1971.

Contact person/sponsor:

William Pinter, Director, Aviation Sciences or 724/480-3604

A.N.T.S (Adult Non-Traditional Students)

A service organization geared to the non-traditional student, this club's purpose and function is to provide encouragement, mutual support, and assistance to students returning to the academic world.

Contact person/sponsor:

Karen Ganska, Faculty/Counseling or 724/480-3419


Open to all students, the CCBC Cheerleaders build team spirit, increase crowd involvement, develop a sense of good sportsmanship among the students, and strive to build and maintain positive relationships with other colleges.

Contact person/sponsor:

Lataya Barrett, Alumni (Ass't Coordinator of Fine Arts, PA Cyber Charter School) *

*You may also contact Fran Siters, Student Activities at or 724/480-3462

Computer Club

This club provides students with opportunities to expand computer awareness, to acquire knowledge of the ever-changing computer field, and to enhance leadership skills. The Computer Club is open to all students interested in computers.

Contact person/sponsor:

Heidie Hutchinson, Professor, CIS/Tel or 724/480-3547

Creative Writers Club

The purpose of the CCBC Creative Writers is to encourage writing creativity at the Community College of Beaver County; to provide an outlet/community for student writers at CCBC; to provide encouragement and constructive criticism with the intention of helping members to improve their creative writing; and to establish a forum for discussion of members' written works.

 Contact person/sponsor:

Frank J. Albert, Professor, English or 724/480-3538

Criminal Justice Club

A service organization instituted to promote interest in the field of criminal justice. Activities include field trips, lectures and fundraisers. Proceeds from the fundraising activities have been donated to victims programs, the Women's Center of Beaver County, and the county jail. Membership is open to all CCBC students.

Contact Person/Sponsors:

Carolyn Kupperman, Professor, Criminal Justice, or 724/480-3533

Mike Moore, Adjunct Faculty, Public Service Occupations


Drama Club

Offers students an opportunity to experience acting, writing, lighting, sound, musical scoring, publicity, and property and stage management. This club affords students an opportunity to act as good will ambassadors in the community through the promotion of theater, and encourages students to create a liaison with other local college drama clubs.

Contact person/sponsor:

This club is currently inactive.  Please contact Fran Siters for information at or 724/480-3462.

Fine Arts Club

The goal of the Fine Arts Club is to help CCBC Artists make the best use of their talents and to inspire more creativity amongst the general populace.  The club meets every WEDNESDAY from 12:30 -1:00 in the Fine Art Lounge.  Club enrollent is open to all ernolled CCBC students who attend meetings and participate in their fundraising efforts.

Contact Person/Sponsor: 

This club is currently inactive.  Please contact Fran Siters for information at or 724/480-3462.

H.O.P.E (Helping Others Prosper Everywhere)

The purpose of H.O.P.E. shall be:  to provide the opportunity for the CCBC Social Work students and CCBC community at large to engage in community service projects and activities; to encourage graduates of the CCBC Social Work program to mentor and share experiences with current CCBC Social Work students; incorporate opportunities to hear guest speakers and attend related events and field trips for social work/community service learning experiences; to heighten awareness and educate the general population regarding the needs of the local community; to provide opportunities for students interested in careers in Social Work or other human services fields to expand his/her experience and knowledge base.

Contact person/sponsor: 

Andrea Connor, As Professor, Sociology, or 724-480-3521


History Club

History Cllub did Voter RegistrationThe purpose of the History Club is:  to provide an effective means of communication between the student body, the faculty, and the administration on matters pertaining to the history department; assist with the planning, promotion, and implementation of all historical activities on the campus of the Community College of Beaver County as requested; and to provide a learning experience for the development of historical understanding.

Right:  History Club encouraged voter retistration during the Meet the Candidate Forum held on campus in September 2010


Contact Person/Sponsor:

Brady Crytzer, Adjunct Faculty

Humanities Forum

The purpose of the Humanities Forum is to provide faculty and students with an organization within a club atmosphere where the group can discuss, converse, analyze, argue, enjoy, contemplate, and learn about the humanities. It serves the student community by providing a cultural outlet to write creatively, perform, see films, visit museums, listen to artists, poets and musicians, and read an critique books.

Contact person/sponsor:

This club is currently inactive. Contact Fran Siters for more information at or 724/480-3462.

Juggling Club
Multi-Cultural Club

An organization open to all students to develop and build students’ knowledge in the fields of Government, Economics, Education, and Technology; to maintain relationships with other organizations through the area; and to broaden understanding of cultural heritages.

Contact person/sponsor:

Angie Pope, Circulation Technician, Library or 724/480-3409

Music Club

This club provides students with a musical outlet. Students can study music, learn to play various instruments, perform in front of audience, and learn to critique musical pieces. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the music industry and interact with students who have the same interests.

Contact Person/Sponsor:

Drew Campbell, Associate Professor, Business & Technologies, CISCO, or 724-480-3469


P.A.W.S (Pets Are Worth Saving)

Open to students and employees, the organization's intent is to engage the student body, faculty and staff in creating awareness of the plight of animals and to gain support for the Beaver County Humane Society. The club serves as an outreach group, assisting the Humane Society through volunteer work and fundraising events.

Contact person/Sponsor:

Sandy Melnikof, Secretary II, Business & Technologies or 724/480-3516

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

2011 PTK New Member Induction

An academic organization, this society upholds the hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship. Membership in the honor society is reserved for those maintaining a 3.5 grade point average. Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available at many four-year schools. Check out their website at

Although Phi Theta Kappa membership is by "invitation only" further information can be obtained by contacting Susan Scholl, Honor Society Specialist, at 724/480-3411 or the Administrative Advisor, Cheryl Herrington, at 724/480-3422.

PTK Ceremony Candle Lighting2011 PTK President2011 PTK Members with VP of Learning, Judy GarbinskiAlexandrea Brooks, CCBC Alumni and PTK Keynote SpeakerFamily and Friends gathered for PTK induction



Physics Club

The Physics Club encourages application of physics, promtes interinst int the career fields related to physics and provides students with hands-on activities.  The Physics Club also establishes a forum for discussion of membrs' ideas and research.

This club is open to all currently enrolled CCBC students.


Contact person/sponsor:

Dr. Dennis Haggerty,Professor or 724/480-3517


Story Telling Club
Tau Pi Pho (TPR)

TPR is a nursing organization open to all freshmen and sophomore nursing students. The purpose of the club is to promote the interaction of freshmen and sophomore nursing students, while enhancing their personal and social development. Functions include social activities, charitable projects, and community service projects.

Contact person/*sponsor:

Debra Schepis, Asst Professor, Nursing

*Sponsor changes annually.

Titan Book Club

The Titan Book Club is to provide a forum in which CCBC students may have the opportunity to discuss various literary works, facilitate critical thought and philosophical discussion while analyzing a variety of literature in a group setting that fosters individual as well as group enlightenment, and to provide students with a community with whom they can have intellectual conversations both on club time and independently.  The membership is open to all currently enrolled students.

Contact person/sponsor:

This club is currently inactive.  Contact Fran Siters for information at or 724/480-3462. 

Venez Comme Vous Etes

The purpose of the Venez Comme Vous Etes is to foster a safe and supportive atmosphere for students of all sexualities, particularly LGBTQ, at CCBC:

  • To provide a safe haven for students to confidentially discuss problems they are having;
  • To provide a forum for students going through similar experiences to meet;
  • To provide students a conducive environment in which they will be able to address actions of bullying and discrimination or any other prejudices where the sponsor and/or advisor can assist in making formal complaints;
  • To support other organization through public works that support cultural diversity and the wellness of others;
  • To donate to local charities through monetary donation or donation of club members time and talents;
  • To participate in community outreach programs and festivals;
  • To provide peer to peer support for students who may need emotional support in certain situations.

The membership of the Venez Comme Vous Etes is open to anyone in the Community College of Beaver County Community.  This includes but is not limited to current and past students as well as current and past (that are in good standings with CCBC) faculty and staff.

Contact person/sponsor: 

This club is currently inactive.  Contact Fran Siters for information at or 724/480-3462.

Vineyard (formerly CrossSeekers)

This organization is open to all students regardless of denominational background. Intending to unite the campus's Christian community, the group's primary focus is to be a campus and community outreach organization that aims for its members to become people of integrity. Weekly opportunities for Bible study, discussion and fellowship are also provided throughout each semester.

Contact Person/Sponsors:

Jacki Black, Assoc Professor, Early Childhood, or 724/480-3477

Visual Arts Club

The purpose of the Visual Arts Club is:  to provide an effective means of communication between the student body, the faculty, and the administration on matters pertaining to the Visual Communications department; assist with the planning, promotion, and implementation of all activities on the campus of the Community College of Beaver County as requested.  It also provides learning experiences that involve creative, visual, aesthetics, projects and events.

Contact Person/Sponsor:

Trish Foley, Instructor/Faculty or 724/480-3464


Warcraft Gamers Organization

The purpose of the Warcraft Gamers Organization is to discuss the many aspects of the World of Warcraft online game.  Activities include:  Interacting with others to make playing more enjoyable; discussing strategies for various classes; helping others achieve in-game goals; learning about new game developments and updates; and in-game events.


Contact person/sponsor:


Drew Campbell, Associate Professor, Business & Technologies, CISCO or 724/480-3469