Monaca, PA - Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) is proud to release 413 names of students who achieved President’s List and Dean’s List honors for the fall 2017 semester.

In order to be named to the President’s List, students must have completed at least 12 hours of credit-bearing courses in which performance grades are awarded, and have received a 3.75 grade-point average or above for the semester. Dean’s List honorees must have completed at least 12 hours of credit-bearing courses in which performance grades are awarded and have received a 3.25 to 3.74 grade-point average for the semester.

The following full-time students were named to the President’s List:

David Agnello of Wampum; Michael Aikens of Aliquippa; Leah Alexander of Monaca; Micah Anderson of Beaver Falls; Kayla Avery of Ambridge; Jennifer Bathgate of Beaver Falls; Adam Beers of Aliquippa; Mary Berger of Baden; Valerie Bible of Ambridge; Joshua Bird of Aliquippa; Emma Bodkin of New Brighton; Kassidy Boots of Fombell; Katelinn Bowser of Beaver Falls; Alyson Boyce of Crescent; Erica Brozich of Beaver; Anna Bruno of Aliquippa; Patricia Butler of Aliquippa; Jacob Butterfield of Avella; Douglas Campbell of Industry; Rachel Carlisle of Canonsburg; Abigail Carter of Beaver Falls; Virginia Childs of Freedom; Christopher Chirichetti of Beaver Falls; Chayme Chunchick of Rochester; Zackary Cipolla of Aliquippa; Christian Circle of Monaca; Bethany Collins of Beaver; Jerry Cook of Monaca; Charlotte Coulter of Aliquippa; Hannah Covert of New Castle; James Cunningham of New Castle; Megan D'Itri of Beaver; Brittini de Jong of Beaver; Michelle Deville of Beaver Falls; Kristin DiMaria of Beaver Falls; Nicole DiMarzio of Ambridge; Louis Dubovi of New Brighton; Kelly Dudo of Aliquippa; Sean Duffy of Midland; Carol Dundes of Monaca; Daniel Ealing of Ellwood City; Melissa Engelman of Rochester; Hannah Falarski of Aliquippa; Matthew Farbo of Moon Twp.; Weslie Fischer of Fombell; Sean Freed of Freedom; Emma French of Fombell; Michael Fubio of Freedom; Sean Fuchel of Beaver Falls; Stephanie Garuccio of Beaver Falls; John Gates of Clinton; Jenny Gianella of Georgetown; Brodie Gillespie of Beaver Falls; Patricia Gonzalez of New Brighton; Dominique Hamilton of Koppel; Derik Hansen of Aliquippa; Cortney Harden of Beaver Falls; Billy Harris of Georgetown; Caleb Hart of Aliquippa; Neil Hassen of Beaver Falls; Cooper Hertzler of Beaver Falls; Grant Hodgetts of Monaca; Thomas Houk of Ellwood City; Chloe Hrelec of Rochester; Rachael Hughes of Monaca; Spencer Hunter of Darlington; Curtis Imler of Beaver Falls; Alissa Jacobs of New Castle; Cameron Jacobs of New Brighton; David Jena of Monaca; Felicity Johnson of Rochester; Lauren Jones of Beaver; Ryan Jones of Monaca; Jessica Kalinoski of Beaver; Josie Karas of Aliquippa; Kaitlyn Keller of Beaver; Celina Kelly of New Brighton; Richard Kennedy of Rochester; Christina Kent of Monaca; Sari Knouse of New Brighton; Kyle Kopac of Ambridge; Cheryl Krocskon of Clinton; Brittany Lackovich of Aliquippa; Cory Landman of New Brighton; Shayla Landsbaugh of Beaver Falls; Ashia Latimore of Moon Township; Vanessa LaValle of Conway; Declan Leek of Rochester; Stephen Leonard of Chester; Jenna Lepczyk of Monaca; Timothy Lukehart of Baden; Joyce Mabin of Ambridge; Patrick Madl of Beaver; Brooke Malloy of New Brighton; Austin Malone of New Castle; Jordan Mann of Aliquippa; Ryan Marchione of Monaca; Bailey Marshall of Aliquippa; Alexander Martin of Monaca; Courtney McCormick of Monaca; Normita McKinney of Ellwood City; Madison McShane of Aliquippa; Alyssa Miles of Beaver Falls; Daniel Millick of Aliquippa; Macy Minear of Mars; Halie Mitchell of Darlington; Kieran Modro of Beaver Falls; Nickolas Mokay of Beaver Falls; Jacob Moldovan of New Brighton; Madison Morder of Conway; Jeffrey Mrkich of Aliquippa; Jacob Naper of Darlington; Russell Osselborn of Baden; Megan Owens of Rochester; Clayton Pappert of Hookstown; Leona Phillips of Hookstown; William Pierce of Ellwood City; Jessica Podnar of Beaver Falls; Lindsay Powers of Aliquippa; Stephen Rakus of Coraopolis; Lauren Ranone of Industry; Kevin Reese of Aliquippa; Shannon Reid of Aliquippa; Kurt Reinstadtler of Monaca; Matthew Robbins of Beaver Falls; Michael Rock of Aliquippa; Micah-Dawn Rombold of New Brighton; Madison Roscoe of Monaca; Kayla Rosenkranz of Rochester; David Rosensteel of Monaca; Kyle Roupe of Washington; Alea Rudis of Ambridge; Chelsea Russell of New Brighton; Lucas Sallada da Silva of Beaver Falls; Earl Sanders of Ellwood City; Richard Santarelli of Aliquippa; Jason Saucier of South Park; Paul Schellinger of Oakmont; Kennedy Sebastian of Aliquippa; Theresa Seech of Aliquippa; Scott Shields of New Brighton; Chey Sievers of South Heights; Joshua Sipe of Hillsville; Victoria Springer of Beaver; Jared Stonefield of Beaver Falls; Ashley Stowers of Aliquippa; Matthew Straub of Beaver Falls; Cassidy Sundy of Aliquippa; Carissa Sutter of Beaver Falls; Janet Switzer of New Brighton; Eric Taylor of Aliquippa; Llew Taylor of Darlington; Mikayla Tritt of Aliquippa; Herney Valdez of Industry; Tiffany Varela of Baden; Taylor Volby of Aliquippa; Artisha Walker of Canonsburg; Ashley Erin Wedlock of Ambridge; Rachel Weiser of New Brighton; Nicole Wild of Fombell; Elizabeth Wisniewski of Conway; Olivia Wolfe of Beaver Falls; Petra Zibaila of Midland, and Bobbi Zuccaro of Monaca.

The following part-time students were named to President’s List:

Amber Aley of Beaver Falls; Madison Beardmore of Hookstown; Samuel Cadwell of Sewickley; Julia Cain of Aliquippa; Aimee Caldararo of New Castle; Alexis Caporali of New Castle; Natelie Chappell of Beaver Falls; Autumn Colvin of Hookstown; Courtney Dadejko of Edinburg; Kayla Dawkins of Aliquippa; Dominic Dessler of New Brighton; Rhonda Dorn of Rochester; Tammy Gorecki of Ambridge; Louis Hapach of Midland; Ian Hartwell of Beaver Falls; Robert Huber of Sewickly; Ethan Intrieri of Beaver Falls; Kaitlin Johnstone of Beaver Falls; Toni Jones of Wampum; Erin Kline of Ellwood City; Michelle Lamenza of Beaver; Gabrielle Leonard of Aliquippa; Madison Lutz of Beaver Falls; Angela Marinkovich of Aliquippa; Annie McLaughlin of Monaca; Jamie Mehocic of New Castle; Ronald Newhouse of Aliquippa; Janice Olson of Darlington; Victoria Palinski of Ellwood City; Marissa Pipchok of Aliquippa; Cassandra Plance of Georgetown; Nicholas Powell of Monaca; Rochelle Rhodes of West Aliquippa; Linsey Romigh of Industry; Spencer Soltis of New Brighton; Jamie St. John of New Brighton; Jeremy Stowe of Beaver Falls; Nathan Tkach of McKees Rocks; Mitchell Tuzynski of Beaver Falls; Zachary Wanninger of Pittsburgh; Madalynn Wertz of Conway; Michael Williams of Rochester; Katherine Wilson of Beaver Falls; Clayton Yeates of McMurray, and Jeffrey Zeiber of Monaca.

The following full-time students were named to the Dean’s List:

Matthew Allen of Beaver Falls; Evan Battaglia of Beaver; Kenneth Battaglia III of Beaver Falls; Scott Battles of Aliquippa; Taylor Baylis of Beaver Falls; Adam Beaver of Rochester; Nathan Beaver of Aliquippa; Kevin Beeler of Beaver Falls; Chad Bovalina of New Brighton; Stacey Boyer of Baden; Brandon Brahler of Aliquippa; Rachel Burnsworth of New Brighton; Leslie Bywaters of Ambridge; Alexis Cameron of Darlington; Donald Cameron of Ambridge; Megan Caton of Baden; Abigail Cercone of Aliquippa; Frank Ceriani of Beaver Falls; Matthew Chase of Wellsville; Alison Chichy of Beaver Falls; Jada Cleckley of Beaver Falls; Dyara Cockfield-Williams of Aliquippa; Heather Cummings of Aliquippa; Spencer Derosa of New Wilmington; Anthony DeRose of Aliquippa; Paris Dizak of Baden; Mikala Doran of Beaver Falls; Derek Douglas of Darlington; Marquis Dubose of Aliquippa; Tevin Edmonds of Ambridge; Donovan Florence of New Brighton; Maria Furka of Aliquippa; Sade Fynn of Aliquippa; Joshua Gamra of Aliquippa; Terence Gettings of Rochester; Tye Glenz of New Brighton; Wayne Graham of Aliquippa; Natassja Habedank of Darlington; Christopher Hafner of Aliquippa; Trey Hall of New Brighton; Mary Halley-Meyers of Aliquippa; Timothy Hammond of Beaver Falls; Jordan Haskey of Freedom; Marina Hazlett of Ambridge; Noah Hebb of Baden; Ronald Hiler of West Pittsburg; Michael Hines of Beaver Falls; Justin Hodgson of New Brighton; Joel Honse of New Brighton; Gloria Irwin of Ambridge; Nathan Izotic of Darlington; Joshua Jackson of Ambridge; Larissa Jefferson of Monaca; Joseph Joscsak of Washington; Sophonie Joseph of Baden; Nicholas Katekovich of Rochester; Janson Keener-Johnson of New Brighton; Karlie Kerr of Ellwood City; Cassie Kohler of Rochester; David Kreul of Beaver Falls; Deanna Kriger of Freedom; Brenden Kuhns of Beaver Falls; Bailey LaPergola of Ellwood City; Shalisa Lawson-Anderson of Beaver Falls; Michael Lemire of Aliquippa; Pamela Lively of Rochester; Mitchell Macioce of Beaver Falls; Michelle Malloy of Aliquippa Jacob Malone of Aliquippa; Dawn Marshall of Beaver Falls; Deanna Martin of Ambridge; Lindsay McClain of Beaver Falls; Candice McMunn of Beaver; Breanna Mengon of Freedom; Mallory Minehart of Industry; Max Muller of Industry; Cassidy Mullins of Aliquippa; Natalia Muoio of Koppel; Lou Nail of New Brighton; Rachel Nunn of Aliquippa; Misty Ours of Industry; Nadine Palichat of Ambridge; Ryan Pardo of Butler; Jessica Percy of Beaver; Eric Popovich of Monaca; Leslie Popp of Industry; William Porada of New Castle; Charmaine Poynter of Midland; Kevyn Price of Port Republic; Kirsten Protch of Rochester; Brenton Pyles of Aliquippa; Janey Ray of Beaver Falls; Maxwell Reed of Beaver; Cody Reese of New Brighton; Mary Regis of Beaver Falls; Kristen Revelant of New Brighton; Aaron Rhodes of Beaver; Reagan Rider of Beaver Falls; Zephaniah Rombold of New Brighton; Caitlin Ross of Ambridge; Daysha Ross of Rochester; Anthony Rubin of New Castle; Kimberly Santilli of Monaca; Cody Schoeneweis of Beaver Falls; Jenika Seawright of Midland; Jacob Seiber of Ambridge; Mary Shaffer of Beaver Falls; Jonathan Short of Coraopolis; Christopher Skelton of Aliquippa; James Snyder of Beaver Falls; Sara Snyder of Aliquippa; Alexandra Soos of Beaver Falls; Bradley Sopinski of South Abington Twp.; Hunter Speelman of Beaver Falls; Christina Stevens of Canonsburg; Brennaa Sullivan of Aliquippa; Nathan Swierkosz of Crescent; Logan Temple of Monaca; Lindsay Thompkins of Aliquippa; Lucas Thompson of Aliquippa; Carrie Tracy of New Brighton; Daniel Trent of Industry; Danielle Turner of Beaver; Ashley Wade of Darlington; Bobbie Jo Warren of New Castle; Dalyn Washington of Beaver Falls; Jennifer Webb of Ambridge; Emily Weber-Nelson of Beaver; Alexandria Whalen of New Brighton; Kenny Wiley of Ellwood City; Shari Wilkins of Aliquippa; Christopher Willard of Monaca; Karolyn Williams of Beaver Falls; Serena Wingard of Darlington; Abigail Worst of New Brighton, and Eryn Yuran of Monaca.

The following part-time students were named to Dean’s List:

Sarah Ackerman of Canonsburg; Olivia Brewer of Ambridge; Ryan Brooks of Monaca; Michael Camella of Pittsburgh; Morgan Cannister of Aliquippa; Emily Carr of Midland; Adam Carver of Beaver Falls; Joslin Conley of Conway; Angelo Cosentino of Wexford; Kimberly Dudash of Aliquippa; Colleen Fedell of Aliquippa; Alex Filippi of Aliquippa; Bryce Froble of Beaver Falls; Jaunee Goe of Georgetown; Christopher Goehring of Darlington; Madeline Good of Beaver; Elijah Goosby of Rochester; Nia Gray of Industry; Jeff Grillo of Beaver Falls; Elizabeth Halvin of Industry; Raegan Hertzog of Rochester; Teresa Hough of Industry; Caitlyn Houser of Mars; Darby Hupp of Beaver; Rachael Illar of Beaver Falls; Katie Knupp of Rector; Justin Kruszewski of Beaver; Erin Lambright of Enon Valley; TyNiesha Lee of Rochester; Seth Lintz of Ellwood City; Tanner Merigliano of Allison Park; Bradley Mieden of Lorain; Eugenia Mihalik of Aliquippa; Stephanie Milligan of Ambridge; Peter Moonert of Aliquippa; Kacey Mooney of New Brighton; Tyler Mosholder of Midland; Erin Napolitan of Koppel; Hannah Nuzzo of Beaver; Steven Oliver of Beaver Falls; David Onuska of Midland; Jonathon Palinski of Ellwood City; Krysti Renner of Ambridge; Jennifer Reynolds of New Brighton; Cheyanne Rhinehart of Monaca; Michelle Roy of Beaver Falls; Tyler Shaffer of Beaver Falls; Sabrina Smith of Rochester; Alexander Stewart of New Brighton; Ashley Stewart of Monaca; Andrew Stockard of Beaver Falls; Maressa Suica of Beaver; Breanna Sutton of Imperial; Jamie Taormina of Monaca; Ashley Throne of Conway; Nyonna Towler of Aliquippa; Steven Turner of New Brighton; Corey Waggoner of Freedom; Jenna Ward of Midland; Aidan White of McKees Rocks; Hunter Widener of Beaver Falls; Jeanne Winton of Monaca; Sylvia Wnoroski of Clinton; Nicolas Yarnell of Beaver; James Young of Beaver, and Rachel Yuhasz of Aliquippa.

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