485 students recognized for academic success

Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) is proud to release 485 names of both full-time and part-time students who achieved President’s List and Dean’s List honors for the spring 2017 semester.

In order to be named to the President’s List, students must have completed at least 12 hours of credit-bearing courses in which performance grades are awarded, and have received a 3.75 grade-point average or above for the semester. Dean’s List honorees must have completed at least 12 hours of credit-bearing courses in which performance grades are awarded and have received a 3.25 to 3.7499 grade-point average for the semester.

The following full-time students were named to the President’s List:

Trevor Adams of Rochester; David Agnello of Wampum; Zachary Agresti of Monaca; Abigail Allen of Beaver; Micah Anderson of Beaver Falls; Melyssa Arner of Aliquippa; Zlatan Avdic of Pittsburgh; Jennifer Bathgate of Beaver Falls; Mary Berger of Baden; Leanne Bishoo of Fombell; Leanne Blatchford of Ellwood City; Kassidy Boots of Fombell; Brandon Boyd of Rochester; Jeanae Bratton of Ambridge; Anna Bruno of Aliquippa; Alexander Burns of New Brighton; Rachel Burnsworth of New Brighton; Alexander Bushaw of Beaver; Patricia Butler of Aliquippa; Christopher Callaghan of Aliquippa; Tawnia Carpenter of Darlington; Margaret Catanzarite of Ellwood City; Jason Cercone of Aliquippa; Sydney Ceyba of Beaver Falls; Natelie Chappell of New Cumberland; Virginia Childs of Freedom; Matthew Christy of New Castle; Matthew Chute of Beaver Falls; Kylee Cipolla of Beaver Falls; Zackary Cipolla of Aliquippa; Maria Close of Beaver Falls; Cameron Connifey of Beaver Falls; Peter Costanza of Cranberry Twp.; Joziah Council of Midland; Zavyer Craft of Midland; Richard Creese of Ambridge; Nicholas Cusano of Industry; George Diamantis of Ambridge; Moriah Dockter of New Brighton; Vanessa Douthitt of Beaver Falls; Louis Dubovi of New Brighton; Dallas Dudding of Beaver Falls; Sean Duffy of Midland; Carol Dundes of Monaca; Carrie Dvorsak of Beaver Falls; Melissa Engelman of Rochester; Kaylee Erbaugh of Aliquippa; Hannah Falarski of Aliquippa; Brooke Firczak of Monaca; Christopher Frenchak of Clinton; Grace Fye of Ellwood City; Morissa Gailey of Midland; Aaron Gardocki of Imperial; Jenny Gianella of Georgetown; Joseph Giles of Carnegie; Noah Gray of Baden; McKenzie Griffin of Edinburg; Timothy Hammond of Beaver Falls; Caleb Hart of Aliquippa; Neil Hassen of Beaver Falls; Keith Helon of Beaver; Evan Hibbs of Aliquippa; Morgan Hill of New Castle; Devin Hines of Moon; Michael Homza of Monaca; Thomas Houk of Ellwood City; Jon Houston of Aliquippa; Kelsey Hudacsek of Aliquippa; Matthew Hutchinson of Enon Valley; Saad Jaber of Aliquippa; Elijah Jarovich of Midland; Larissa Jefferson of Monaca; David Jena of Monaca; Kaitlin Johnstone of Canandaigua; Da'Miyah Jones of Ambridge; Josie Karas of Aliquippa; Kaitlyn Keller of Beaver; Alexander Kirkwood of Ellwood City; Kevin Kisow of Imperial; Miranda Kolar of New Brighton; Corey Krepps of Monaca; Logan Kress of Lisbon; Deanna Kriger of Freedom; Cheryl Krocsko of Clinton; Mary Kusluch of Ellwood City; Cory Landman of New Brighton; Derek Lang of New Brighton; Amanda Large of New Brighton; Jordan Lentz of Beaver Falls; James Lutz of New Brighton; Joyce Mabin of Ambridge; Sara Mackenzie of Beaver Falls; Neve MacQueen of Beaver Falls; Madison Macri of New Galilee; Mustafa Mahmood of Ambridge; Brooke Malloy of New Brighton; Kristi Marburger of Ambridge; Ryan Marchione of Monaca; Angela Marinkovich of Aliquippa; Bailey Marshall of Aliquippa; Alexandar Martin of Monaca; Everett Martin of Ambridge; Jesse Martin of Hookstown; Dominic Masciantonio of Aliquippa; SadyAnn May of Beaver Falls; Merle McConnell of Aliquippa; Michael McIntyre of Aliquippa; Lucretia McKeough of Beaver Falls; Normita McKinney of Ellwood City; Sandra McLaughlin of Beaver; Jenna Michaels of Monaca; Alyssa Miles of Beaver Falls; Hope Miller of Clinton; Nicole Miller of Beaver Falls; Sierra Miller of Beaver Falls; Samuel Mills of Beaver; Casandra Miskimen of Industry; Jacob Moldovan of New Brighton; Matthew Mooney of Beaver Falls; Marissa Morrison of Beaver Falls; Hayden Muth of Reynoldsville; Jonathan Nguyen of New Castle; Christopher Norman of Midland; Joy O'Leary of Darlington; Emily Oravitz of Beaver Falls; Erika Oslick of Baden; Russell Osselborn of Baden; Damian Palaich of Beaver Falls; Michael Pangan of Rochester; Cory Peterson of Imperial; Amanda Petriano of Beaver; William Pierce of Ellwood City; Breanna Plummer of Beaver Falls; Leslie Powell of Freedom; Paige Prawucki of Aliquippa; Marcus Priest of Beaver Falls; Lauren Ranone of Industry; Justin Rapko of Aliquippa; Ashley Reich of Beaver; Kurt Reinstadtler of Monaca; Matthew Robbins of Beaver Falls; Adam Robinson of Beaver Falls; Michael Rock of Aliquippa; Vanessa Roma of Aliquippa; Chelsea Russell of New Brighton; Joseph Sager of New Castle; Theresa Seech of Aliquippa; Frank Shepard of Aliquippa; Heather Shively of Moon Twp.; Emily Shuster of Beaver; Samuel Siple of Beaver Falls; Jacob Smallwood of Aliquippa; Brooke Smith of Monaca; Victoria Springer of Beaver; Phillip Stajduhar of Monaca; Alyssa Stevens of Wampum; Christopher Stitt of Monaca; Michael Stokes of Monaca; Ashley Stowers of Aliquippa; Elizabeth Stutzman of Beaver Falls; Thomas Swank of Beaver Falls; Jaycee Swogger of Clinton; Samantha Tagg of Rochester; James Taylor of Beaver Falls; Autumn Tetmire of Ellwood City; Zachary Traficanti of Aliquippa; Dante Trombini of Monaca; Stacey Turner of Beaver; Tiffany Varela of Baden; Kylie Vaughan of Beaver Falls; Jade Villalobos of Aliquippa; Corey Waggoner of Freedom; Rachel Weiser of New Brighton; Alexandra Whalen of New Brighton; Katrina Whalen of New Brighton; Marissa Whitlock of Ambridge; Brandon Whoric of Monaca; Thomas Wickline of New Castle; Hunter Widener of Beaver Falls; Julie Wilson of Enon Valley; Aubrey Young of New Brighton; Haley Zink of Ellport; Benjamin Zorich of Beaver, and Bobbi Zuccaro of Monaca.

The following part-time students were named to the President’s List:

Katie Aquilanti of Moon Twp.; Shawn Bell of Beaver; Jamie Boyd of Beaver; Felicia Brock of Midland; Kayla Brown of Aliquippa; Tea Bruno of Aliquippa; John Capp of Hookstown; Darlene Carrier-Parrish of Monaca; Ethan Celender of Cranberry Twp.; Alexandra Celio of Monaca; Andrew Chiusano of Cranberry Twp.; Casey Clapper of Beaver; Gary Cole of Beaver Falls; LaToia Collier of Beaver Falls; Bethany Collins of Beaver; Thomas Cook of Cranberry Twp.; Matthew Cowher of Edinburgh; Dominic Dessler of New Brighton; Katherine Dudek of Aliquippa; Tiara Gettings of Rochester; Austin Gielarowski of Sturgeon; Nathaniel Gray of Beaver; Jonathan Hall of Aliquippa; Elizabeth Halvin of Industry; Alexander Henson of Cranberry Twp.; Caitlyn Houser of Mars; Darby Hupp of Beaver; Christian Hyrb of Beaver; Christina Imhoff of Aliquippa; Ashanti Jackson of Beaver Falls; Scott Jackson of Beaver Falls; Abdullah Jahn of Industry; Brendan James of Pittsburgh; Austin Jones of Midland; Nathan Karger of Monaca, Michael Kavanagh of Grove City; Tara Kubik of Aliquippa; Jill Lauderbaugh of Aliquippa; Kali Laughlin of Beaver Falls; Rachel Law of Rochester; Declan Leek of Rochester; Ben MacKay of Venetia; Andrew MacLeod of Beaver; Ashley Malinak of Conway; Aaron Malingowski of McDonald; Nathan McKenna of Aliquippa; Matthew Merendo of Aliquippa; Chassidy Mesko of Rochester; Lynna Micon of Freedom; Bradley Mieden of Lorain; Douglas Miller of New Brighton; Rachael Morell of Beaver Falls; Ronald Newhouse of Aliquippa; Jonathan Nixon of Darlington; Italia Nowicki of Aliquippa; Sherry Ohler of New Brighton; Misty Ours of Industry; Zachary Paff of Aliquippa; Marissa Pipchok of Aliquippa; Jordan Plevel of Monaca; Tera Powell of New Brighton; Aaron Pritchard of Beaver Falls; Susan Reed of Georgetown; Leanne Ruby of Beaver; Kendra Sauter of Midland; Nicole Schneider of Beaver Falls; Hunter Schwarz of Darlington; Ryne Smiley of Sewickley; Tiarra of Rochester; Tanner Spratt of Rochester; Jamie St. John of New Brighton; Ian Stafford of Beaver; Alleyna Stambaugh of Beaver Falls; Jeremy Steffine of Monaca; Jeremy Stowe of Beaver Falls; Traci Swab of Freedom; Frederick Thomas of Monaca; Jeremy Walpole of New Galilee; Jon Wetzel of New Brighton; Jeanne Winton of Monaca; Jonieshea Wright of Rochester; Lindsay Wright of Ellwood City; Rachel Yuhasz of Aliquippa; Jordan Zipfel of Aliquippa, and Nicholas Zon of Monaca.

The following full-time students were named to the Dean’s List:

Sarah Adalbert of Baden; Leah Alexander of Monaca; Mercedes Arnold Fox of Bridgeville; Zachary Bahur of Pittsburgh; Joshua Barto of New Brighton; Kenneth Battaglia III of Beaver Falls; Josephine Bertucci of Aliquippa; Brittany Bionda of Freedom; Cameron Blair of Beaver Falls; Emma Bodkin of New Brighton; Bryson Boord of Monaca; Alexandra Bufalini of Aliquippa; Dakota Burrows of Beaver Falls; Brandon Cameron of Shippingport; Corey Chaffee of Darlington; Matthew Chase of Wellsville; Kapriciana Childs of Monaca; Haley Coe of Beaver; Kaleigh Cottage of Baden; Tara Davidson of Aliquippa; Susan Dean of Beaver Falls; Anthony DeLuca of Beaver; Jennifer Detore of Aliquippa; Evin Diciero of Conway; Kaijah Edwards of Beaver Falls; Mark Eichler of Monaca; David Fisher of Beaver; Donovan Florence of New Brighton; Cy Fox of Beaver Falls; Damian Fubio of Aliquippa; Sean Fuchel of Beaver Falls; Galyn Garrett of Beaver Falls; Tiffany Gasperine of Aliquippa; Vanessa Gennaro of Aliquippa; Jeffrey Grace of Monaca; Emily Gregory of Ambridge; Timothy Hampe of Rochester; Cortney Harden of Beaver Falls; Marina Hazlett of Ambridge; Caleb Heaton of Beaver Falls; Ronald Hiler of West Pittsburg; Grant Hodgetts of Monaca; Justin Hodgson of New Brighton; Sara Hohenshel of Midland; Curtis Imler of Beaver Falls; Brandi Jackson of Beaver Falls; Cade Jenkins of New Brighton; Brooke Karlheim of Rochester; Victoria Kirkland of Aliquippa; Sierra Kisiday of Baden; Alexis Korol of Ambridge; Leah Kurtz of Beaver Falls; Madison Kyle of Darlington; Shalisa Lawson-Anderson of Beaver Falls; Shayla Leopardi of Ellwood City; Jenna Lepczyk of Monaca; Nathan Lewis of New Brighton; Shain Livada of Hookstown; John Lubich of Ellwood City; Michaela Lutz of New Brighton; Chloe Lynch of Monaca; Abbey Matiko of Ellwood City; Rachel Mazzetti of Zelineople; Raechel McCusker of Aliquippa; Melissa McDanel of Ellwood City; Kara Meehan of Aliquippa; Anna Micija of Conway; Leif Miller of Harmony; Halie Mitchell of Darlington; Landen Monac of New Brighton; Daniel Morrow of Hookstown; Shane Newman of Darlington; Rachel Nunn of Aliquippa; Kyrie O'Leary of Beaver Falls; Kyrsten Ott of Ellwood City; David Pearson of Industry; Brandon Petroff of Freedom; Leona Phillips of Hookstown; Kesco Phiri of Midland; Cassandra Plance of Georgetown; William Porada of New Castle; James Psomas of Aliquippa; Kevin Reese of Aliquippa; Shane Reich of New Brighton; Shannon Reid of Aliquippa; Jennifer Reynolds of New Brighton; Ryan Robinson of Monaca; Zephaniah Rombold of New Brighton; Madison Roscoe of Monaca; Bernard Rush of Beaver; Levoid Sallis of Beaver Falls; Nathan Sanner of Beaver Falls; Richard Santarelli of Aliquippa; Robert Scala of Aliquippa; Alaina Schidemantle of Rochester; Cayla Schmolitz of Beaver; Klark Schofield of Beaver Falls; Cody Searfoss of Rochester; Jenika Seawright of Midland; Scott Shields of New Brighton; Jenna Simmons of Georgetown; Christopher Skelton of Aliquippa; Bethany Smith of Baden; Mark Smith of Ambridge; Jarrod Soos of Beaver Falls; Jacob Stadnik of Fombell; Kelly Staschak of Conway; Brandi Stewart of New Castle; Keelan Summers of Midland; Lucas Thompson of Aliquippa; Daniel Trent of Industry; Riley Trodden of New Castle; Matthew Turyan of Industry; Olivia Warne of Rochester; Rebekah Weber of Aliquippa; Robin Wehman of Ellwood City; Christopher Willard of Monaca; Mia Williams of Monaca; Elizabeth Wisniewski of Conway; David Workley of New Brighton; Abigail Worst of New Brighton; Eryn Yuran of Monaca, and Kristina Zallo of Fombell.

The following part-time students were named to the Dean’s List:

Caryn Acs of Ambridge; Jacob Bailey of Baden; Robert Baker of Beaver; Hunter Bonzo of New Brighton; Alyson Boyce of Crescent; Caitlin Bradley of Rochester; Daniel Bradwell of Aliquippa; Vincent Brougher of Moon Twp.; Briana Cassity of New Castle; Nicholas Chapas of Cranberry Twp.; Blake Conley of Valencia; Dylan Convery of Fombell; Giona Darenkamp of Pittsburgh; Maverick Davis of Darlington; Sally Dennis of Beaver Falls; Adeline DeSalle of Aliquippa; Jeffrey Dolph of Monaca; Hannah Donaldson of Rochester; Tonya Durr of Monaca; Leah Eisenhart of New Brighton; Olivia Escamilla of Baden; Chad Fabian of Gibsonia; Megan Figueiredo of Rochester; Garrett Fink of Beaver; Anthony Fonzi of Jackson; Cristie Fowler of Leetsdale; James Francis of Darlington; Emma French of Fombell; Gavin Funovits of Mars; Ashley Glaser of Aliquippa; Carson Gray of Beaver Falls; Mary Greco of Monaca; Kiersten Grey of Aliquippa; Ashley Grinnen of New Brighton; Mary Habrle of Beaver; Amber Hall of Darlington; Stephanie Haller of New Brighton; Laurie Hillen of Clinton; Alec Hilty of Oakdale Ashley Judd of Beaver Falls; Mason Kanai of Ambridge; Amanda Kennedy of Rochester; Melena King of Aliquippa; Najwa Kirkpatrick of Beaver Falls; Brayden Knight of Industry; Jared Kronstain of Aliquippa; Michelle Lamb of Ambridge; Taylor Leipchack of Aliquippa; Erin Lokey of Beaver Falls; Xin Luo of Coraopolis; Dana Machak of Monaca; Bonnie Mahnick of Conway; Joshua Malone of Beaver; Britany Mathews of Beaver Falls; Michael McClinton of Beaver Falls; Mark McNary of Georgetown; Cynthia Middleman of Beaver Falls; Joy Minnick of Monaca; Erin Napolitan of Koppel; Nicholas Nissel of Crescent; Christian Parker of Aliquippa; Kerry Parks of Aliquippa; Gerard Pasquale of McMurray; Raymond Peace of New Brighton; Cody Plummer of Beaver Falls; Dawson Rauch of Beaver Falls; Natalie Rice of Beaver; Austin Robinson of Ellwood City; Matt Robinson of Moon Twp.; Joshua Sabolosky of Baden; Pamela Scalise of McKees Rocks; Natasha Seamans of Beaver Falls; Tyler Sharpless of Freedom; Seanna Shipley of Beaver Falls; Emily Shontz of Darlington; Amanda Simpkin of Beaver; Renae Smith of Georgetown; Courtney Snedden of Aliquippa; Dominique Stoll of Beaver Falls; Amber Tackac of Aliquippa; Steven Theuerl of New Brighton; Wesley Thomas of Beaver; Shanan Ulizio of West Aliquippa; Dustin Wagner of Baden; Amanda Weigner of Beaver; Jessica Whelan of Monaca; Renee Wilcox of Beaver Falls; John Willison of Baden, and Jordan Wright of Beaver Falls

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