Overall GPA surpasses peers and seven student-athletes recognized regionally and nationally for academic achievements

Monaca, PA – Community College of Beaver County’s (CCBC) Student Athlete Retention Program, which offers counseling services, workshops, mentors, tutors, student educational plans, and progress report monitoring, is ensuring that that the College’s student athletes are recognized for their academic achievements in addition to successes on the field or court.

During the spring 2017 semester, seven CCBC student athletes were recognized by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) for achieving a 3.5 GPA or higher in the classroom, leading them to receive regional and national honors as part of the NJCAA All-Academic Student Athlete team.

Overall, for all CCBC student athletes combined, the average GPA for the spring 2017 term was 3.13, which is higher than the collective student body GPA of 2.73 for all CCBC credit students.

“First and foremost, the student athletes attend CCBC for a high quality education that will prepare them for future careers,” said Dr. Chris Reber, CCBC President. “The Student Athlete Retention Program is a collaboration of faculty and staff in Counseling, Academic Affairs, and the athletes themselves. We are committed as an institution to assist every student athlete in attaining academic success, and to increase the completion rate of student athletes enrolled at CCBC by providing a sound educational foundation supported by life skills training and targeted support services.”

Goals of the program include:

  • Taking the athletics program to the next level by emphasizing student scholarship as the top priority of our program;
  • Exceeding NJCAA academic requirements;
  • Ensuring students have the necessary information to select a course of study and attain a credential; and,
  • Providing support that enables student athletes to perform at or above the level of academic accomplishment of their non-participating peers at CCBC.

The NJCAA All-Academic Honors include three academic teams based on the student athletes’ grade-point-averages (GPA).

CCBC student athletes who comprise the NJCAA All-Academic First Team must have earned a 4.00 GPA. These CCBC student athletes include Zavyer Craft of Midland for men’s basketball; Lauren Ranone of Industry for women’s volleyball; and Haley Zink of Ellport for women’s volleyball and softball.

CCBC student athletes who comprise the NJCAA All-Academic Second Team earned a 3.80 to 3.99 GPA. These CCBC student athletes include Micah Anderson of Beaver Falls for men’s basketball and Alyssa Miles of Beaver Falls for women’s softball.

Students who comprise the NJCAA All-Academic Third Team earned a 3.60-3.79 GPA. These CCBC student athletes include Michael Homza of Brighton Heights for men’s basketball and Mia Williams of Monaca for women’s softball.

“Congratulations to all of these outstanding student athletes. We are extremely proud to see an increase in the number of our student athletes receiving this recognition,” said John Ashaolu, Director of Athletics and Student Programs. “Being a part of the All-Academic Student Athlete Team acknowledges the students’ ability to maintain a level of excellence in the classroom while also competing as a college athlete.”

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Seven of CCBC’s student athletes were recognized both regionally and nationally at the end of the spring semester for academic achievement. They are: top left to right: Zavyer Craft, Mia Williams, and Haley Zink; middle: Michael Homza; bottom left to right: Lauren Ranone, Micah Anderson, and Alyssa Miles.