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Aviation Academy

About the Aviation Academy

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Are you ready to start the exciting journey of becoming an aviation professional? Let your future take flight by joining the CCBC Aviation Academy. Through the Academy, high school students in grades 9 through 12 at participating school districts have the opportunity to spend half of their high school experience in CCBC’s programs at the Aviation Sciences Center, learning about careers in STEM.  Students who devote four years to this program have the opportunity to graduate from high school with over half of a CCBC associate degree completed.

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Students of the Aviation Academy will:

  • Experience hands-on instruction from caring and dedicated faculty
  • Become more skilled in aviation, science, technology, engineering and math
  • Develop and demonstrate responsibility and accountability
  • Thrive in an environment of higher behavioral expectations
  • Acquire skills for effective leadership and lifelong learning
  • Begin an exciting college education
  • Prepare for dynamic, lifelong careers in the aviation field

Aviation Academy programs include air traffic control, professional pilot, unmanned aerial vehicle and aerospace management. 


Vision & Mission


To establish and maintain a culture of aviation and excellence by providing the opportunity for students to pursue their aspirations within the aerospace industry; we emphasize:

Integrity, Professionalism, & Pursuit of Excellence


Mission Statement

Provide a rigorous educational program with an aviation focus that prepares students for unlimited opportunities, including college achievement, career success, and engaged citizenship


If you're a high school student, parent, or representative and want to learn more about the Aviation Academy, contact Captain Dana Donati, Dean of Aviation 724-480-3608 or


Why Should You Join the Aviation Academy?

The Aviation Academy is the cost effective choice for aviation education.

The Aviation Academy is an elite program with high standards that helps students excel. image

The Academy:

  • Builds and maintains a well-prepared and disciplined environment
  • Holds all students to high standards and considers every student a unique individual with potential for success
  • Upholds important character values such as respect, trust, and care within our school environment and for the wider community
  • Offers rigorous academic and technical training that builds discipline and confidence
  • Offers a unique aviation education
  • Champions the age-old philosophy that people learn best by doing
  • Employs a diverse staff of motivated, quality educators and leaders
  • Assists in graduating students with post-secondary and career opportunities, and core aviation training
The Aviation Academy is the cost effective choice for aviation education. image

CCBC Aviation Programs

Associate Degree (62/63 credits)

Tuition and fees: $8900


CCBC Associate Degree + Direct Transfer to 4-year Public Aviation College

Total Cost for bachelor’s degree: $30,900

Additional flying costs: $29,600

(for PA residents, including private pilot license, instrument rating, and commercial rating)

TOTAL COST for CCBC associate degree + bachelor’s degree + flying costs: $60,500


Private College Aviation Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

4 year, 120+ credits

Tuition and Fees: $128,000

Room & Board: $40,000

TOTAL COST for bachelor’s degree: $168,000


Note: All costs are estimates based on current tuition rates and fees and are subject to change.

The Aviation Academy prepares you for a lifelong career with excellent pay and benefits. image

Air Traffic Control

Starting Pay Trainee: $40,000

Upgrading in Field (3 years): $55-105,000

Fully Qualified: $115-180,000

Retirement: immediate pension


Professional Pilot

Age 23: Regional Pilot, $30,000

Age 28: Major Airline Pilot, $60-125,000

Age 33: Major Airline Captain, $150-250,000

Age 65: Mandatory Retirement


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Starting Pay: $50-$80,000

Mid-level Experience: $90-120,000

Senior Experience: $125-200,000

 Excellent benefit packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in the Aviation Academy? image

Students who are in grades 11th and 12th at a participating high school and meet all eligibility requirements can become a student of the aviation academy. Enrollment must be approved by the student's parent or legal guardian and the high school principal or designee. 

Where and when are the courses taught? And who teaches them? image

Courses are taught at CCBC's Aviation Sciences Center and Parkway West Training Facility.  Students will attend either a morning or afternoon aviation academy class and attend their regular high school classes during the other part of their day.  All courses are taught by CCBC faculty members.

How much do the Aviation Academy courses cost? image

The cost for Aviation Academy courses is based on current CCBC tuition and fee rates

Do Academy students have to buy College textbooks? image

CCBC will work with school districts and the CCBC bookstore as much as possible to reduce textbook costs; however, parents should be prepared to purchase college textbooks as necessary.