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Personal & Professional Enrichment

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Business & Professional - Small business owners, HR professionals, managers & leaders

Computers & Technology - Computer basics, MS Excel, MS Windows 10, and more 

Culinary & Spirits -  Tea & Scones, Wine Series

Fine Arts - Photography, Jewelry Making, etc.

Fitness & Sports - Yoga, pilates, kickboxing, golf, and more

Languages - Sign Language and Spanish

Lifelong Learners - FREE or REDUCED tuition for Adult Learners (You much be 65 and over to enroll)

Special Interests - Dog grooming, driver safety, DIY basic plumbing and electric... and much more. 

Youth & Teens - YouTube 101 and Ultimate College Search.


Culinary & Spirits

Wine Series - Broaden Your Palate image

WINE SERIES - Classes meet at the Oak Arbor Grille, Bridgewater, Tues., 7-8:30 p.m.

Wine 101 - A Visit to Argentina  CULI01001  $10 + $30 Lab

Most well-known for the Mendoza region and Malbec, we'll explore the iconic and upcoming areas along with surprising varietals - Pinot Grigio for one. 9/18

Wine 102 - Celebrity Influences CULI01002  $10 + $30 Lab

Join us as we sample wines from celebrity winery owners such as Dave Matthews and Francis Ford Coppola.  10/16

Wine 103 - Alternatwive Packaging CULI01003  $10 + $30 Lab

Learn how uniquely packaged wines such as glass, boxes, and now cans affect the taste of wine.  11/20