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Do you need to take the placement test?

Did you attend another college? If yes click arrow. image

Did you earn a C or higher in Math and/or English?


Submit transcript and bring an unofficial copy to your counseling apt. Schedule appointment now.

No Placement Test Required

Did you take the ACT or SAT in the past 5 years? If yes click arrow. image

You are exempt from the test or parts of the test if any of the following apply:


• ACT 22


• SAT 500


• "B" or better in Algebra II in High School



• ACT Reading 19; English 20


• SAT Reading 25; Writing 26


• SAT Combined Reading/Writing 475


• ”B” or better in all High School English



Submit scores (may be on HS TR) and bring an unofficial copy to your counseling apt. Schedule apt. now.

No Placement Test Required

While you were in high school did you... image

Did you successfully complete college in high school, dual enrollment and/or academy course(s) through CCBC? If yes, you are exempt from placement testing. 


Earn a "B" or better in all English Courses


Earn a "B" or better in Algebra II


Submit transcript and bring an unofficial copy to your counseling apt. Schedule apt. now.

No Placement Test Required

If no to above, Schedule Accuplacer Placement test

Schedule Accuplacer Placement test by emailing or call 724-480-3425.
Schedule an appointment with Counseling to schedule classes: Call 724-480-3421

Send College and High School Transcripts to:
CCBC Information Registration Center
1 Campus Dr.
Monaca, PA 15061

Placement Testing Q and A image

What is on the Accuplacer placement test?

  • Accuplacer tests your knowledge in math, reading, and writing.


How Does Accuplacer work?

  • Thanks to ACCUPLACER’s online format, the test questions are based on your responses to each question you’ve already answered. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty depending on your answers as you work through the test. ACCUPLACER tests are untimed, so you can move at a comfortable pace. It’s important to give yourself enough time to do your best and complete the test because your results are the key factor in determining the courses you can take.


Can I study for the test?

  • Preparation information, tips, and sample questions from the official Accuplacer web site may be found here:
  • You can prepare for Accuplacer by taking advantage of the study tools and resources offered. Use these tools to become familiar with the types and format of Accuplacer test questions. They can help you identify the academic areas where you may need a little help, and prepare to improve.


Is there an Accuplacer Study App?

  • Access hundreds of questions to familiarize yourself with the ACCUPLACER basic content and experience. Click here for more information
  • Get personalized instruction and build your academic skills through this online learning program.


When can I take the Accuplacer placement test?

  • There is a proctor available year round to administer the test. You can schedule an appointment during the day or evening depending on your schedule. Please contact


How do I make an appointment to take the Accuplacer placement test?

  • You can make an appointment by contacting our testing center at 

  • Is there a fee for taking the Accuplacer placement test?
  • No. There is no charge to take the placement test.


 Where do I take the Accuplacer placement test?

  • The test will be taken in the testing center. The testing center is located in the Student Service Center, next to the Cashier’s Office. You can park in the visitor’s parking lot (3rd parking lot on the right).


What do I need to bring to the testing center?

  • You need to bring a photo ID (such as a driver license)

  • You DO NOT need to bring a calculator. When permitted, the calculator is built into the exam.


How long will the test take?

  •  The length of time for testing depends on how many parts of the test you need.


When will I receive the results of placement test?

  • Score results are generated as soon as you finish testing. After testing, you will have the opportunity to meet with a counselor to select your courses.


Do my placement test scores really matter? 

  • Most definitely! Your scores determine whether you are proficient in Math, Reading and Writing. If you are proficient in these areas, you can register for the first level English/math for your course/program. If you are not proficient, you must take the preparatory course(s) listed on your advising report.


If I have a disability, can I make special arrangements?

  • Yes. If alternative accommodations are necessary because of a disability, requests for approval, assistance, and scheduling should be arranged through the CCBC’s Supportive Services Center at (724-480-3502) or email