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6.02.001 - Work Attire and Use of Fragrances

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Approved: 1/22/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

Community College of Beaver County expects all employees to present a neat and professional appearance at all times during work hours.  It is the policy of CCBC that employee attire during work hours and work related activities shall be appropriate to the duties of the position, to the safety of the employee and other individuals, and to the probability of public contact.

This policy shall be applicable to all employees within Community College of Beaver County inclusive of those positions required to wear uniform attire.  It is the responsibility of the employee to arrive at work dressed in accordance with applicable policy and the job duties of the position. 

Additionally, employees are expected to be considerate of co-workers when applying colognes, lotions, perfumes and after-shave in their grooming and personal hygiene.  They are also expected to be aware that air fresheners, potpourris, and other fragrances in the work place may have adverse effects on others. 

Employees are asked take into consideration the impact that fragrances may have on their fellow employees.

The following list includes, but is not limited to, examples of unacceptable attire for all employees:

Items that are worn, ripped, frayed, torn or unkempt;

  • Items that contain obscene, profane, discriminatory, provocative or inflammatory words or pictures;
  • Items advertising alcoholic beverages, drugs, drug paraphernalia or tobacco products.

The Board directs the President to develop procedures for the enforcement of this policy and to include steps for addressing issues that may arise from violations of this policy.

Nothing contained within this policy is prohibiting employee concerted activity as protected by the National Labor Relations Act and the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act.