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1.02.007 - President Position Description

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Approved: 8/26/2002
Approved By: Board of Trustees

In keeping with the mission of the College and consistent with institutional goals established by the Board, the responsibilities of the President are:

  1. To serve as the chief executive and chief administrative officer with the responsibility for the development of procedures, rules and regulations to ensure compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations and policies of the Board of Trustees;
  2. To provide leadership for the initiation and development of policies for approval of the Board;
  3. To be present for all deliberations of the Board, except for those concerned with the President’s contract, and to take part in the deliberations of the Board;
  4. To propose goals for the institution and to lead strategic planning initiatives involving the College as a whole for the purposes of establishing long and short term goals, identifying performance indicators, evaluating effectiveness and determining accountability;
  5. To recommend and/or inform the Board on the appointment, promotion, demotion, reassignment, and/or dismissal of all employees of the College as provided by law and the policies of the Board;
  6. To manage and direct the faculty and staff of the College;
  7. To create an environment within the College that focuses on excellence and quality in all programs and services of the College and that requires positive, forward thinking in the evaluation and design of programs and services;
  8. To keep the Board adequately and appropriately informed on the state of the College and on issues at the State and Federal levels that have the potential to affect college operations, to keep the Board informed on the status of operations within the College by providing monitoring reports as identified in the Board Planning Calendar, and to implement communication mechanisms for sharing such information with the college community and general public;
  9. To facilitate preparation of an annual budget documenting the estimated financial needs of the College, including the anticipated revenue from all sources and  any proposed increases in student tuition and/or fees, and to submit to budget to the Board and local sponsors for approval as required by law;
  10. To develop and maintain staffing plans, including salary proposals, appropriate for the continuous improvement of the educational program and to enable the College to maintain a competitive position in its efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified personnel, and to present appropriate recommendations for consideration by the Board;
  11. To provide leadership in creation of appropriate plans addressing the College’s facility, technology, and instructional equipment acquisition and modernization needs; and
  12. To represent the College in all dealings with local educational agencies, other colleges and universities, business/industry; government agencies and organizations, and social institutions and to be active in local, regional, state and national arenas relating to community college leadership.