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6.06.001 - Position Classification and Compensation Plan

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Approved: 9/17/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for the Community College of Beaver County is committed to the recruitment, hiring, and retention of a highly qualified and professional staff. To that end, it is the intention of the Board to ensure the creation of an effective system for classification of positions within the College and to ensure the development and maintenance of competitive systems for employee compensation.

 The College President shall develop procedures for the implementation of this policy. The procedures shall include a system for the analysis and classification of all employees and for the development and validation of position descriptions.  Appropriate salary schedules shall also be created, and the salary schedule shall periodically be benchmarked against comparable positions from other appropriate organizations.

The compensation system shall be defined to include benefits in areas including but not limited to retirement, health and accident insurance, life and disability insurance, holiday and vacation pay, tuition assistance and tuition reimbursement. These plans are to be reviewed with the Board on a periodic basis not greater than every five years.

Where the classification and compensation system requires realignment of current positions and salaries, the procedures are to guide initial classification of positions and initial salary placement within the system. An appeals process is to be provided to ensure the appropriate classification of existing positions.

The compensation plan and benefits for union positions will be established through collective bargaining agreements approved by the Board of Trustees.