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6.03.001 - Performance Goals and Appraisal System

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Approved: 4/28/2003
Approved By: Board of Trustees

To address increasing external demands for greater accountability and the establishment of outcome measures, the Board of Trustees has adopted specific goals to guide the growth and development of the institution.  It is the desire of the Board of Trustees to create a performance appraisal system which assesses the effectiveness of offices and individuals in supporting attainment of the institutional goals approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Board directs the President to develop procedures and instruments for an appraisal system assessing the efforts and performance of offices, services, programs, and all employees of the College in relation to attainment of the College’s goals.  The primary intent of the system is to be formative; to ensure that employee goals are aligned with and supportive of the goals of the College; to ensure employees understand what is expected of them under these goals; to ensure employees have an opportunity for professional growth and performance improvement; and to clarify the duties, responsibilities, and expectations for individual employee performance. 

Part of the system developed is to address the process for employee performance enhancement, growth, and where necessary, discipline.  The system is to be progressive and to afford the College and its employees an opportunity to effectively address identified performance and conduct issues.  The procedures shall apply to all employee groups except as may be modified in the Agreements between the College and its bargaining units.

The Board acknowledges that, of necessity, a performance appraisal system will require procedures addressing employee discipline, suspension, and/or termination, including provisions for immediate suspension where appropriate.  Such suspensions will require approval of the President of the College.

In implementation of the performance appraisal system, there is to be consultation with the College's bargaining units as required for successful implementation of the requirements of this policy.