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1.02.013 - Policy Development

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Approved: 3/15/2018
Reaffirmed: 10/16/2012
Approved By: President's Staff

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to recognize and maintain the distinction between those activities that are appropriate to the Board of Trustees as the governing body of the College and those administrative activities that are to be performed by the President and his/her staff in the exercise of delegated administrative authority.

The responsibility of the Board of Trustees to develop policy is stated in Chapter 35 of the Pennsylvania Code.  Pursuant to this statutory authority, the Board of Trustees retains sole authority to enact, rescind, or modify all policies governing the College.


The term “policy” is used to represent a statement by the Board of Trustees, adopted at a public meeting, that defines the mission and vision of the College, establishes one or more institutional goals, and/or directs action on the part of the President.  Initiation of suggestions regarding policies to be developed and/or recommendations for revision is encouraged in order to meet the changing needs of the College, its students, and its community.


The policy development process may be initiated by the Board of Trustees or through appropriate administrative processes as may be implemented by the President.  The process to be utilized is as follows:

  1. If the policy proposal originates from the Board of Trustees, it will be discussed with the President and sufficient detail of the intent and purpose of the policy proposal shall be provided so that the President may draft a written proposal for review with the Board of Trustees.

  2. If the policy proposal originates through internal administrative processes, it shall be submitted to the President, in writing with a statement of purpose, outcomes, and rationale for the proposal.

  3. The President will review all proposed policies with appropriate affected faculty and staff to determine if the issue identified requires the development of policy by the Board or can be addressed through modifications to  procedures adopted pursuant to an existing Board Policy.  The proposal will also be reviewed to determine consistency with the vision, mission, and goals of the College.  The initiator of the proposal will be advised of the determination made.

  4. When it is determined that the development of policy is appropriate, the President will review the proposal and solicit input through the relevant governance structure.  The concerns and issues raised will be considered by the President, in consultation with the President’s Executive Council and the College’s shared governance body, in formulating final recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

  5. A draft of the policy proposal will be forwarded to the College’s solicitor  for review and comment prior to its submission to the Board of Trustees.

  6. Upon completion of legal review, the proposed policy shall be presented to the Board of Trustees in a work session, regular, or special public meeting for review and discussion.  Modifications to the policy proposal may be necessary as a result of this review.

  7. At the next regular meeting of the Board, the policy will be presented for action.


The Board of Trustees recognizes that there may be policy matters that should not be subject to the development and review process described herein.  These would include but not be limited to the following as determined by the Board:

  1. Items being addressed in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, rules or regulations;
  2. Modifications to the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees;
  3. Emergency situations requiring immediate action by the Board; and/or
  4. Non-substantive changes to existing policies. 


The Trustees realize that situations may arise that require an interim policy response.  When such a situation arises, as determined by the President, the President is authorized to develop and implement interim policy guidelines.  Such policies will then be submitted to the Board for action at the next regular or special public meeting.


The Board shall refer approved policies to the President for publication and the development of procedures necessary to affect their implementation. The Office of the President shall be responsible for maintaining a policy manual reflecting all policies approved by the Trustees. The President shall also be responsible for working with the Board to conduct a periodic review of existing policies.