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1.02.002 - Board Vision and Values Statement

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Approved: 2/19/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

In governance of the College, it is the intent of the Board to ensure that the Board collectively, and that each Trustee individually, demonstrate behaviors which promote the ability of the College to focus on best serving the educational needs of the region. It is expected that the Board will be proactive in its efforts to govern with an emphasis on vision, diversity, and strategic planning. To this end, the Board adopts the following Statement of Vision and Values for the Board and the Trustees.

  1. The Trustees are expected to commit the time, thought, and study required to effectively understand the issues before the College and to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee.
  2. Trustees are expected to participate in healthy and vigorous discussion from their independent perspectives and strive for consensus so that the Board speaks with one voice. Trustees are expected to work as part of a collaboration which emphasizes mutual trust, respect, and confidence in the creation of strategy and development of policy leading to successful achievement of the strategic goals and objectives established by the Board.
  3. The Trustees are expected to respect the boundary between the responsibilities of the Board and the responsibilities of the President and to be supportive of the President in the performance of assigned responsibilities. The Board shall be committed to open, honest communication with the President to ensure the success of the President and of the institution.
  4. Within the fiscal resources available, the Board shall be committed to providing quality educational opportunities that are accessible and affordable to the residents of our region and to ensure that public monies expended by the Community College are utilized in a manner that will ensure full value to the taxpayers. 
  5. The Board shall be committed to creating an educational environment that is open, honest and respectful and in which background, gender, religion, culture, heritage, and values shall be embraced.
  6. The Board shall not permit nepotism or patronage to influence the discharge of its responsibilities.
  7. It is expected that no Trustee will seek to advance an agenda for personal benefit or for the benefit of family, friends and/or business associates. Likewise, it is expected that Trustees will avoid any real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest at all times.
  8. It is expected that individual Trustees and the Board shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws relating to the business of the College and will adopt policies as may be required to ensure that the College likewise complies.
  9. The Board is committed to providing open public access to the business records of the College and at the same time acknowledges its responsibility to maintain confidentiality relating to selected student and employee information, selected business, and labor negotiations. It is the expectation of the Board that confidentiality will not be claimed in a situation which requires openness and will not knowingly be used as a shield for mistakes, poor judgment, or illegal acts.
  10. The Board encourages and expects an open dialogue with business, industry, education, and community interests along with students and College employees in addressing College operations and training needs for proposed future development.