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Approved: 3/10/2011
Reaffirmed: 9/25/2014
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 007 - President Position Description

The purpose of the Jenzabar Users Group is to formally establish and operate a dedicated user group for Jenzabar EX at CCBC.  The CCBC JUG will act as the primary body for discussing the various aspects (both technical and non-technical) of Jenzabar EX use at CCBC, will play an important role in coordinating changes to the JENZ environment that impact our people, processes, and technology, and will be the primary voice for JENZ throughout the CCBC community.  In short, the CCBC JUG will be the barometer through which the health of Jenzabar at CCBC will be measured.

Meeting Frequency

The Group will meet at least once a month for regularly scheduled meetings and more frequently when involved in rollout of upgrades or other special needs.

Participation and Attendance

The JUG will hold regularly scheduled meetings where issues will be discussed and recommendations will be made about the tactical and operational aspects of Jenzabar at CCBC. Since these discussions often impact multiple modules/areas of operation, representation from every module is required at all meetings.  From a different perspective, if no one representing an area/module is attending the given meeting, then the other group members will make the decision on behalf of that module and the absent representative(s) will have to abide by the group’s recommendations.  

Group Participants

At a minimum, every Jenzabar module that CCBC has deployed will have a representative active in the JUG, ideally, with an alternate representative available from that same area of college operations.  (As of July 2007, CCBC’s deployed departmental modules include: Admissions, Advising, Business Office, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Registration and Student Life.)  In addition to the areas covered by these departmental modules, a representative from the Information Technology Department will be included in the JUG to represent the non-departmental areas and to act as a technical advisor to the group.  A representative from Continuing Education also will be included to reflect the important role of non-traditional education in CCBC operations (although the non-traditional module from JENZ, specifically, is not yet part of the CCBC configuration).

While we encourage anyone at CCBC with an interest in Jenzabar to attend the meetings and participate in the discussions, the representatives from the nine areas listed above will create recommendations that will be forwarded to the appropriate channel by the facilitator CCBC JUG.  The formality of this structure will help ensure that the recommendations of the JUG and, in turn, the direction of Jenzabar growth at CCBC, will remain balanced and not skew toward one area of operation over another. 

Within this group structure, each group member also will have responsibility for communicating information on the JUG’s activities and planned enhancements to Jenzabar to the CCBC employees within their respective offices.  Doing so will significantly assist our efforts to keep the larger College population informed and engaged with Jenzabar.

Supporting Roles

Within the traditional participant/stakeholder roles, two additional supporting roles are needed: Facilitator and Scribe.  Both roles will rotate throughout the JUG every 12 months each December and no one person can have consecutive terms in a role.  The facilitator and scribe must be elected from the representatives of the nine areas.  If they are unable to fulfill their term a new scribe or facilitator will be elected.

The Facilitator will be responsible for convening the actual meetings, securing the meeting locations, sending meeting invitations via Outlook, and so on.  The seated Facilitator will also act as the default spokesperson for the JUG in events outside of the group (such as for requests to provide updates at Orientation, President’s Staff meetings, Planning Council meetings, and so on). 

(Note that in order to help shift the focus of Jenzabar at CCBC away from that of an IT software responsibility and toward a new focus on College-wide engagement with and ownership of, Jenzabar no IT representative will be permitted to serve as facilitator.)

The Scribe will be responsible for drafting and circulating the meeting agenda in advance of each meeting and the meeting minutes after each meeting.  The Scribe is also responsible for keeping electronic versions of the agenda and minutes organized and in a location accessible to all JUG members (such as the CCBC employee Intranet, for example).


Every member of the JUG will be included in the EX listservs for emails out of Jenzabar and have login access to the JENZ web site.  In addition, the group will maintain a list of system change requests that will be prioritized and reviewed by the group at each regularly scheduled meeting.