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Approved: 7/7/2016
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Position Classification and Compensation Plan

The following positions, based on their job duties and availability expectations during and after normal working hours, will be eligible for and may request the taxable benefit of cell phone reimbursement in their pay in the amount of $115 per month. Employees are also eligible to request hardware upgrades up to $250 every other year.  All cell phones are considered the personal property of the employee.

  1. President
  2. Executive Vice President and Provost
  3. Vice President, Human Resources
  4. Vice President, Finance and Operations
  5. Vice President, Information Technology
  6. Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health
  7. Dean, School of Business, Arts, Sciences, and Technology
  8. Dean, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  9. Dean, School of Aviation Sciences
  10. Dean, High School Academies and Dual Enrollment
  11. Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment
  12. Executive Director, Institutional Research and Engagement
  13. Executive Director, Marketing, Community Relations, and Advancement
  14. Director, Athletics and Student Programs
  15. Associate Vice President and Director, Facilities and Grounds

The positions listed above may also request approval for other key staff whose responsibilities warrant this coverage. The President or his designee will make the final determination for approval. By accepting this reimbursement, each person agrees to be reachable before, during, and after working hours.