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Approved: 4/1/2010
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 002 - Grading

In the evaluation of student success, the Community College of Beaver County will use the following grading structure for courses bearing semester credit hour values:

A = Superior  -  4 Quality Points per Semester Hour

B = Above Average  -  3 Quality Points per Semester Hour

C = Average  -  2 Quality Points per Semester Hour

D = Below Average  -  1 Quality Point per Semester Hour

F = Failing  -  0 Quality Points per Semester Hour

The Quality Points received by students earning the above specified grades will be used to determine the student’s semester Quality Points Average (QPA) and cumulative QPA.  In making this calculation, the number of quality points received per course will be multiplied by semester credit hour value of each course for which a performance grade was received.  The total quality points received will be divided by the total credit hours completed to determine the Quality Point Average.

In addition to the grades defined above, the College utilizes the following grades to describe student progress:

AU = Approved Audit, No credits awarded

CR = Credit, Successful completion of a course with no quality points awarded.

NC = No Credit, Completion of a course without earning semester credit hours or quality points

I = Incomplete, Course requirements not completed but in progress

R = Repeat, Completion of course with re-enrollment required to earn credit hours associated with the course

P = passing, Aviation only, successful completion of a course with no quality points awarded.

W = Withdrawal, Withdrawn from the course prior to completion (student initiated)

AW = Administrative Withdrawal, Withdrawn from the course prior to completion (faculty initiated)

For purposes of awarding quality points and calculating the Quality Point Average, the grade of CR will reflect the award of credits completed, but the credits will not be used in calculation of the QPA.  For the grades AU, NC, W, and AW, no quality points will be awarded and the grades will not be used in calculating the QPA.


A student may request to be allowed to enroll for a course with the intent of receiving a performance grade for the course or to receive the credit hours for the course in satisfying the requirements for graduation.  When enrolling for an Audit, the student will be permitted to attend the class and participate in class activities.  However, s/he will not be required to complete tests, submit papers or reports, or complete other activities required of students taking the class for credit.  This type of enrollment will be reflected on the student transcript with a grade of “AU.”  For a student enrolling as an Audit to earn credit for the course and have the credits applied to a degree/certificate program, it will be necessary for the student to re-enroll for the course and complete all work required to earn a performance grade.

Incomplete Grade

In those cases where a student has been consistently in pursuit of completion of the course objectives and requires additional time to complete the course requirements, the faculty member may agree to award an “I” grade indicating Incomplete.  This grade will require a written agreement between the faculty member and the student indicating the specific work to be completed and the timeline for completion.  The student may be allowed up to four months to complete the required work and submit it to her/his faculty member for evaluation.  Following the submission of the required work, the faculty member will assign a final grade and issue a grade change notification to the Office of the Registrar.  Until the grade change is received, the student transcript will reflect a grade of “I” which for purposes of calculation of the QPA will be treated as an “F.”  Once the change of grade has been processed, the QPA for the semester in which the “I” grade was received and the cumulative QPA will be recalculated appropriately.  If the grade is not converted within four months, the grade posted to the transcript will become an “F.”

Repeat Grade

The option for a grade of “R” may only be used in the grading of courses within developmental education.  The grade will designate that the student made progress toward achievement of the course objectives but has not fully demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the course.  In courses where an “R” grade is assigned, the semester credit hours for the course will not be shown as completed and will not be used in calculation of the QPA.  Students may not progress to college level courses with either an “R” or “NC” grade.  It will be necessary for the student to re-enroll in the course and complete the course objectives in order to receive a performance grade.  The grade of “R” may only be awarded once for any particular course, and if the student does not re-enroll and complete the requirements of the course within the semester, the grade will convert to a grade of “NC.”

Notice to Students

A performance grade of “D” will generally enable you to receive credit for having satisfied the minimum criteria required to complete the course and to progress to the next course required in your degree/certificate program major.  However, students are advised that many colleges and universities will not accept a class in which a grade of “D” was earned in transfer, and you may be required to take the course again at the institution to which you transfer.