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Approved: 11/1/2012
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Academic Progress Standards

Establishing an academic calendar at least three years in advance allows students to plan their programs of study and enables College departments to schedule events at times that do not conflict with other key activities.


The Director of Enrollment Services, in collaboration with the Dean of Academic Support & Enrollment Services develops the academic calendar (three years in advance) and submits proposed calendars to the Academic Divisions  and the Vice President of Student Learning and Success/Provost for review and approval.  The VP Human Resource Development is responsible for assuring the calendar contains the appropriate days for employee contract periods.


Revisions to the calendar must be made no less than two years before the date the calendar goes into effect.  All revisions must go through the aforementioned review and approval process.

Steps of the Procedure

  1. Among the factors to be considered in the development of the calendar are:  semester dates, holidays, college convocation dates, class starting/ending dates, break periods and commencement.
  2. Specifically, the following Board–approved holidays, shall be included:  Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, and Memorial Day.
  3. All Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) regulations, including, for example, course credit hours, must be taken into consideration.
  4. The Director of Enrollment Services is responsible for development, revision, and approval of the semester-specific template used in the development of the academic calendar.
  5. The Director of Enrollment shall submit the approved calendar(s) to the Director of Communications for posting on the College’s website.