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Approved: 7/12/2012
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - EMPLOYMENT
Policy: 001 - Hiring and Equal Employment Opportunity

CCBC provides employees an opportunity to indicate their interest in open positions so they may advance within the College according to their skills and experience. In general, notices of all regular, full-time job openings are posted, although CCBC reserves its discretionary right to not post a particular opening.

Job openings will be posted on the college website and normally remain open for variable number of days depending on the position. Other recruiting sources may also be used to fill open positions in the best interest of the College. Each job posting notice will include the dates of the posting period, job title, department, location, grade level, job summary, essential duties, qualifications (required skills and abilities), and other relevant information.

To be eligible to apply for a posted job, employees must have performed for at least 12 months in their current position.  Eligible employees will only be considered for those posted jobs for which they possess the required skills, competencies, and qualifications.

To apply for an open position, employees must submit a job posting application to the Human Resources Department stating job-related skills and accomplishments. The application must also describe how their current experience with CCBC and prior work experience and/or education qualifies them for the position.

All positions will be either classified as eligible for external or internal candidates and as such, will be posted accordingly on the website.

Additional considerations may be created through a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Such requirements will be noted in the job posting.