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Approved: 7/25/2013
Reaffirmed: 9/25/2014
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 007 - President Position Description

It is the policy of the Community College of Beaver County to establish Program Advisory Committees for credit and non-credit degree, diploma, and other certificate programs.  Membership on the Program Advisory Committees will be from business, industry, and other educational and/or service agencies.  The committee’s purpose will be to provide feedback on issues such as curriculum content, quality, and currency of programs, equipment needs, graduate performance, and potential employment opportunities

The Vice President of Learning and Student Success/Provost, or successor office, will serve as an ex officio member of all academic advisory committees. The Provost, or his/her designee, ensures each committee meets at least annually and reviews the agenda prior to meetings being scheduled.   The Provost will review and revise, in collaboration with the Division Directors and on a yearly basis, the Advisory Committee Handbook. The Division Directors will serve as the institutional coordinator for all advisory committees in their area and serve as ex officio members. 

Division Directors, or designee, are responsible for providing sufficient written notice prior to each Program Advisory committee meeting and ensure appropriate records will be kept.

The Program Advisory committee is composed of members who are selected from among professionals in the field on the basis of their ability to assist the college in providing quality educational programs.  Members of advisory committees are appointed by the President to a three-year term on a staggering basis to ensure continuity within the committee.  Subsequent appointments may be for one or two years.  Terms end June 30 and new terms begin July 1 of each year.  Members may be recommended from a variety of sources including, for example, program faculty, Division Directors, Board of Trustees, President, Vice Presidents, and other industry representatives.