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Approved: 8/8/2013
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Performance Goals and Appraisal System

The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance for conducting internal investigations of alleged employee conduct in regards to unlawful discrimination, harassment and other violations of College policies, rules and standards of conduct.


All College-operated sites, College sponsored activities or when conducting the business of the College or when acting as an agent of the College.


All employees should conduct themselves at all times in compliance with Federal and State regulations and in compliance with College policy and procedure. Ethical behavior is expected at all times in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety.


This organization is committed to ensure that all College-initiated investigations are conducted in a fair, impartial, thorough, thoughtful manner and in compliance with all applicable laws within the United States.

General Requirements

Whenever an agent of the College (i.e., officer, manager, and supervisor) receives a complaint or other information regarding employee conduct that indicates a possible violation of law and/or College Procedure, this College will be responsible for conducting an investigation into the purported events.


Agents of the College should promptly initiate an appropriate investigation into all possible violations of law and/or College Procedure. When an agent of the College becomes aware of allegation, they are to immediately inform the Vice President of Human Resources. The Vice President of Human Resources or the Human Resources Department designee will take primary responsibility for investigating and directing any and all complaints relating to employee misconduct.


College investigator(s) will inform the complainant(s) that the College-initiated investigation will be handled on a need-to-know basis. However, if information is learned that personnel action or legal action is required, there is a potential that disclosure of this information may occur in the process.

All employees of the College will be afforded due process as outlined in the policies and procedures, and this procedure will comply with individual contractual and/or Collective Bargaining provisions.