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Approved: 4/25/2013
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Academic Progress Standards

The College is aware that students may on occasion experience medical conditions or be involved in accidents which prove disruptive to the student’s ability to complete the courses in which they are enrolled for a particular semester. In such instances, the student should promptly report to her/his instructors to indicate that s/he will be unable to attend classes. In such cases, three possible courses of action exist:

  1. Where the student believes the disruption will be temporary and brief, the student may request that the instructor give the student an opportunity to complete the work during the semester in progress.
  2. Where the student believes the disruption will prevent her/him from completing the course work by the end of the semester in progress, the student may request that her/his instructors award an incomplete (I) grade which will enable the student to compete the coursework without the necessity of re-enrollment during the next semester. Students selecting this option should consult with the Office of Student Financial Services to determine impact on eligibility for financial aid.
  3. Where the student is advised by her/his physician to discontinue her/his studies, the student may submit a written request to the Office of Enrollment Services requesting a medical withdrawal. In the event a student requests a medical withdrawal, a physician’s statement confirming that the student is unable to continue her/his studies must also be submitted. 

Requests for a medical withdrawal must be submitted in a timely manner from the time the student becomes aware that s/he must discontinue course pursuit. Under normal conditions, it is expected that such requests will be submitted prior to the beginning of final exams for the semester in progress.

The request for medical withdrawal will be reviewed by the Director of Enrollment Services. Where such requests are approved, the student will be withdrawn from class(es) retroactive to the beginning of the semester and no reference to the enrollment will be noted on the student on the student transcript. For a student approved for medical withdrawal, it will be necessary for the student to re-enroll in a subsequent semester and complete the required work in order to receive credit for completion of the course(s) from which s/he withdrew.

Refunds generated by such action will be returned to the source of the payment, and for those students receiving financial aid there should be awareness that such action could create a financial receivable due the College and/or the aid program. The student should also be aware that approval of the medical withdrawal could affect the student’s eligibility for financial aid in subsequent semesters.


In the event the request for medical withdrawal is denied, the student will have a right to appeal the decision by written request to the Dean of Academic Support Services or appropriate successor office. Again, appropriate medical documentation signed by the student’s physician must accompany the appeal request.