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Approved: 6/4/2009
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Communications and Image

As a public institution, the Community College of Beaver County and its programs, activities and plans are of special interest to the general public.  One of the important ways in which we promote the College is through the mass media.

In order to ensure a professional relationship with the media, due diligence must be taken to ensure that information originating from the College is accurate, complete, reflects the official position of the organization, and is released to the media and target publics in a timely manner.

The Communications & Marketing Department is the designated first and primary contact with the media.  Most reporters will contact the department when they need information.  They know they will be referred to the proper source for information quickly and we will respect their individual deadlines.

In the interest of orderly, consistent management of the information released to the media, the following guidelines have been established:

Contact with the Media

If you are contacted by the media, you should immediately inform the Communications and Marketing Department.  The Communications and Marketing personnel are available for accurate information, assistance, and support.  The Communication and Marketing Department is the only official outlet for the College’s information.  We are prepared to handle the inquiry and, if necessary, set up a time for the reporter to interview you or someone else.  In addition, we will provide you with as much information as possible and counsel you on what to expect during the interview.  We will also provide the reporter with the appropriate information about you, including the correct spelling of your name, title, and area of expertise.  Please keep in mind that you are not required to talk to the media, and if you are uncomfortable doing that, we will assist.

Times of Crisis

The College strives to be honest and forthright, particularly with information concerning an emergency, crime, or controversy.  If a member of the media contacts you during a crisis situation, please do not give out any information.  Refer them directly to the Communications and Marketing Department, which is authorized to release information pertaining to these crisis situations.  Administrators are asked to keep the Marketing and Communications Department fully informed, in a timely manner, regarding such activities in their areas of responsibility.

Media Access

Members of the media are welcome on the campuses of the Community College of Beaver County. However, we ask that they contact the Communications and Marketing Department in advance of their visit so that they will have access to the areas, buildings and people necessary to complete their story. Employees of the College are asked to contact the department when media crews and reporters are on campus.

For the safety and privacy of students, photography or videography is expressly prohibited in classrooms, cafeterias, library, and student study areas and lounges, without the prior approval of the Communications and Marketing Department.  The Department can assist reporters, photographers and videographers in accessing these areas for interviews and background footage, but will first need to make arrangements in advance with the faculty or administrators in charge of academic areas.

Services to Faculty

The Communications and Marketing Department seeks the opportunity to work with faculty and staff members in order to help promote CCBC to the media in the following ways:

  • interesting or ground-breaking research/innovative projects
  • involvement in an outreach project that helps people in the community
  • innovative teaching techniques
  • receipt of a major award or recognition
  • expert opinion on a current major news story
  • students who are doing great things
  • human interest stories and profiles

If you have an innovative story idea, please contact the Communications and Marketing Department via email.