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Approved: 8/10/2006
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Position Classification and Compensation Plan

The College has established a Salary Schedule for Administrative and Confidential employees.  Placement on the Salary Schedule is based on the classification of the position, and an applicant meeting the minimum experiential qualifications for the position will be placed at Step One.  Recognizing the value of experience beyond the minimum, the College will provide additional steps based on documented and directly relevant experience at a rate of up to one year for each year beyond the minimum experience to a maximum of five years or placement on Step Six on the salary scale.

As an example, a position requires a minimum of five years experience and the applicant selected for the position has seven years of directly related experience.  The applicant could be eligible for placement at Step Three on the Salary Schedule.  The Chief Human Resource Development Officer will be responsible for evaluating the relevance of experience beyond the minimum and determining the actual salary placement at the time a position is officially offered to an applicant.  Where there is disagreement on the years to be applied, the matter will be reviewed with the President for a final determination.

Advancement on the Salary Schedule based on educational attainment beyond the minimum published for the position will not be permitted.