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Approved: 1/6/2011
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Position Classification and Compensation Plan

Effective January 6, 2011, full-time administrative and confidential employees will have their pay issued by direct deposit into their checking and/or savings account(s).  Other full-time employees may also participate in the direct deposit program on an optional basis.  Any individual issued a part-time and/or adjunct employment contract for Summer 2011 or any subsequent period of employment will be required to use direct deposit in order to receive payment from the College.

To implement this procedure, it is necessary for employees to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and file the form with Human Resource Development.  The Direct Deposit Authorization Form will be included in new hire packets.  For current employees, the form can be located on MyCCBC under the CCBC Employees tab located under Payroll Forms or under the CCBC Departments tab on the Human Resource Development page. 

If selecting a checking account(s), a voided check(s) must be attached.  A voided check is required due to the accuracy of routing and account numbers on a check.  If selecting a savings account(s), a voided deposit slip must be attached.  If an employee’s savings account(s) does not utilize a deposit slip, the employee can contact their banking institution for the Transit ABA Number and their account number(s). 

After a form has been received by Payroll, procedures for direct deposit will be implemented according to the regular payroll process timeline.  For first-time new accounts, payroll must have their Direct Deposit Authorization Form by the Monday following a payday by 12:00 noon in order to implement a direct deposit for the next pay period cycle. 

An employee making a revision to any of his/her account(s) and/or financial institution(s) must submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form with required attachment to Payroll.  In addition, the employee must notify immediately when an account is closed or account/routing numbers are changed in order to alleviate any problems that may arise during the payroll process due to this issue.