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Approved: 9/6/2011
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - EMPLOYMENT
Policy: 001 - Hiring and Equal Employment Opportunity

Only non-faculty employees may be permitted to work from home as part of their regular work assignment.

Requests will be reviewed by the employee’s immediate supervisor, the area Vice President and Human Resources. After review, all approved agreements must be signed by the employee and the Vice President of Human Resources. 

And all of the following conditions must be followed:

  1. Before granting permission for work at home arrangements, supervisors should know the specific work to be performed and the projected amount of time expected. Under no circumstances are employees permitted to work at home without prior permission. Any attempt to do so, with or without reporting such time, will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the College’s discipline policy.
  2. Telecommuting employees are required to sign an agreement acknowledging that they are not permitted to work overtime without prior written approval, and these employees are required to clock in and out via e-mail or telephone.
  3. When a telecommuting employee is unable to work at home because of a power outage or technology and equipment failures, they will not be compensated for this time.
  4. To assess whether an injury occurred in the course and scope of employment, the employee agrees to allow access to the telecommuter’s home (either by CCBC and/or its representative) to investigate any injury that occurs while he or she is working at home.
  5. The employee agrees that CCBC (and/or their representative) may conduct inspections of telecommuters’ home offices for safety conditions, including ergonomic safety.
  6. Home-based employees are required to comply with workplace safety policies, and keep records of all work-related injuries that occur in a telecommuter’s home office.
  7. A telecommuting employee’s wages, insurance and other fringe benefits shall remain at the same level and in the same manner as if the employee was not telecommuting. 
  8. At no time will an employee be allowed to move and/or store personally identifiable information or College data to an employee’s personally owned computer, mobile device, file hosting service or cloud storage.
  9. CCBC retains the right and the employee acknowledges that they understand that certain aspects of their employment will be monitored without notice, including computer files, documents prepared or used by the employee in the scope of their employment, and computers and telephone lines during work hours.
  10. The employee agrees to have liability insurance that covers the employee’s home whenever it is being used for the employer’s business.
  11. The employee agrees to maintain homeowner’s or renter’s liability insurance.
  12. The employee agrees to obtain any home office permit or license required by local zoning laws. This fee is the employee’s responsibility.
  13. If the employee is working in a state other than Pennsylvania (CCBC’s location), a discussion of the appropriate taxation system to follow (state and local) must be completed.
  14. Equipment--Computer, fax, modem, printer, etc.,--must be available for the employees exclusive use while telecommuting and must be compatible with the equipment that the employee uses in their office at work.
  15. Each employee must make arrangements with his or her supervisor regarding the use of CCBC owned equipment in the employee's home, but in no event may the use of such equipment impede CCBC’s access to such equipment, nor change CCBC’s ownership of such equipment. The employee will be responsible for the costs of installation of necessary modem and communications software.
  16. Supplies--The employee is not responsible for purchasing supplies (paper, print cartridges, etc.) necessary for work performed at home. However, the employee must coordinate closely with the supervisor and the business office regarding the use of CCBC supplies.

Please be aware that CCBC is not responsible for insuring your equipment in your home. If you are using your own equipment and it breaks while performing work for CCBC, CCBC is not liable.