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Approved: 10/6/2011
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 002 - Employee Tuition Benefits

Through its policy, the Board of Trustees has created two types of tuition benefits for its employees.  The first is a tuition waiver program for employees of the College enabling them to enroll in either credit or noncredit courses offered by the institution.  This program is also available to spouses of employees and employee dependents as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Part-time employees are also provided with an opportunity to participate in the tuition waiver program as outlined herein.

The second is a tuition benefit program funding educational opportunities for employees seeking to complete degrees with institutions other than CCBC.  Spouses and dependents of full-time employees and part-time employees will not be eligible for participation in the tuition benefit program.

Benefits for Faculty and Support Staff

The tuition waiver and tuition benefits available to faculty and to support staff of the College are described in the Collective Bargaining Agreements between the College and the respective associations.  Where procedural guidelines for application and receipt of these benefits are incomplete, the requirements of this procedure as applied to administrative and confidential personnel will be followed.

Benefits for Administrative and Confidential Employees

A.     Tuition Waivers

Full-time administrative and confidential employees, their spouses and their dependents as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are eligible to receive tuition waivers for enrollment in either credit or noncredit courses offered by the College.  To receive this benefit, the employee must submit a tuition waiver form to her/his immediate supervisor for review and approval.  The completed form must identify the specific course(s) in which enrollment is contemplated.  Upon approval by the immediate supervisor, copies of the form will be distributed to the Office of Human Resources for processing and distribution as appropriate.

Under normal conditions, employees will not be permitted to enroll for classes during their regular work hours.  Realizing unique circumstances may exist, an employee who needs to enroll for a class that is only offered during her/his regular work hours may request an exemption from the vice president to whom the immediate supervisor reports.  In making a decision, the vice president will consider factors such as the availability of alternate sections or courses, the need for the course to be completed in the semester/session in which the employee plans to enroll, the frequency with which the course is offered and other relevant factors.  Where such a request is approved, the employee will be required to work alternate hours to off-set the time spent in class during work hours.

B.     Tuition Benefits

1.      Eligibility and Application

To qualify for this benefit, an employee must have been in a regular, full-time position for a minimum of one year prior to the date on which classes are to begin.  Qualified employees requesting use of the benefit must submit a Request for Tuition Reimbursement Approval form to the appropriate vice president.  Where the request is for approval to pursue a college and/or graduate degree, the approval form must include a copy of the employee’s proposed degree form and a letter of acceptance into the program of study being proposed.

The employee must also include a letter of explanation on her/his interest in the program, how completion of the program will benefit the employee and how it will benefit the College.  An estimated cost for completion of the program is to also be included.

Upon approval, the vice president will forward the form to the Department of Human Resources.  A copy will be placed in the employee file, and a copy will be forwarded to the employee for her/his records.

Employees participating in the tuition benefit program will be reimbursed for tuition costs upon successful completion of courses within the approved program of study.  Upon receipt of her/his grades for the course(s), the employee must submit a Tuition Reimbursement form to the Department of Human Resources along with a paid tuition receipt from the institution attended.  Reimbursement to the employee will be for tuition costs only.  All other expenses associated with completion of the program of study will be the responsibility of the employee.

2.      Continuation of Employment

Employees receiving the College Tuition Benefits for completion of college degrees will be required to continue their employment with the College for a period of time once they have completed their studies and received the degree being pursued.  Employees will be expected to remain in the employment of the College for a minimum of one year from the date of last reimbursement for tuition under this program.  Where it is determined that an exception to this requirement would serve the best interests of the College, the President may authorize an appropriate waiver.  Requests for a waiver from the employee must be addressed to the President in writing.  Should the employee decide to leave the institution without satisfying the requirements for continuing employment, s/he will be liable to the institution for repayment of the amount paid by the College for tuition.  Employees affected by reorganizations and/or retrenchments will not be bound by these requirements.

3.      Salary Advancement

Employees completing degrees beyond the minimum degree required for the position held will receive recognition for their achievement in the form of advancement on the College’s salary scale.  This recognition will be in the form of a one-step advance on the scale in addition to the advancement for years of service.  For employees who are awarded a degree at the end of a Fall or Spring term, the recognition will become effective at the beginning of the fiscal year following successful completion of the degree.  For employees who are awarded a degree at the end of a Summer term, the recognition will become effective at the beginning of the Fall term following successful completion of the degree and will be prorated for the time remaining in the fiscal year.

Benefits for Part-Time Employees

A.     Tuition Waivers

1.      Part-Time Credit Faculty

Part-time faculty will be given the opportunity to earn tuition waiver credits.  For each credit hour taught, a part-time faculty member will receive a one credit hour tuition waiver for use in a subsequent semester.  The waiver will remain available for the faculty or their dependent for one year after the employee’s separation from the College.  The waivers earned may be used by the part-time instructor, a spouse or a dependent as defined by the IRS.

2.      Part-Time Non-Instructional Employees

Part-time non-instructional employees will be eligible to earn tuition waiver credits on the basis of time worked at the College.  Individuals who work at least half time for one semester will receive a tuition waiver for up to six semester credit hours to be used in a subsequent semester.  For each semester in which the individual works at least half time, additional credits will be earned.  For the purposes of this procedure, work beginning with the first summer term and concluding with the end of the summer session will be considered a semester.  The waivers earned may be used by the part-time employee, a spouse or a dependent as defined by the IRS.

Under this program, the waiver provided may be used to cover tuition costs only.  The part-time employee will be responsible for all additional costs of enrollment, including but not limited to fees, books, and supplies.  The part-time employee will also be responsible for any tuition costs above the tuition waiver credits earned at the time of enrollment.