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Approved: 7/25/2013
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 002 - Grading

As part of its commitment to the recognition of students who demonstrate academic excellence, the Community College of Beaver County participates with Phi Theta Kappa, the International Community College Honor Society.  At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, the College will extend invitations for membership to those students who have met the selection criteria, which include the following: 

  1. completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours of college level credit courses for which performance grades are awarded,
  2. earned a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.50 or higher, and
  3. currently enrolled at the College.

Invitations to qualifying students will be disseminated through the office of the Manager of Learning and Library Resources, or successor office, so students will be aware of the opportunity for membership in Phi Theta Kappa.  Those interested in becoming members will be required to pay a membership fee in an amount to be indicated in the letter advising them of the opportunity to join.  Additional requirements for induction will also be described as appropriate.  Membership on in Phi Theta Kappa will be noted as part of the student’s academic record of achievement with the College.  Those who become members will also be provided with appropriate academic regalia to acknowledge their membership and academic achievement