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Approved: 7/26/2012
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - EMPLOYMENT
Policy: 001 - Hiring and Equal Employment Opportunity

New hires of CCBC

To ensure that individuals who join CCBC are appropriately qualified and have a strong potential to be productive and successful, to this end, CCBC will check the employment references of all applicants selected for interview.

In the process of consulting references, the College reserves the right to consult with individuals potentially knowledgeable of the applicant beyond those identified by the applicant. Reference checks will be handled through the Human Resources department. The actual performance of the reference checks may be performed on a departmental level.

Verifications of employment for current and past employees

All inquiries regarding verifications of employment of current and past employees must be referred to Human Resources. Only members of the Human Resources department are authorized to respond to these inquiries.

Reference checks of past employees

If an individual employee is contacted regarding a reference check of a past employee, the requester should be informed that CCBC’s procedures require Human Resources to approve the release of information. Also, the Human Resources department requires a written authorization and release signed by the individual who is the subject of the inquiry.

The individual contacted may respond only after receiving authorization from Human Resources.