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Approved: 3/14/2013
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Communications and Image

Each academic year, the College Catalog will be produced in both an online and print format no later than the start of new student registration each year.

The College’s information management system is the primary data source for all curricula.

The Enrollment Services Office inputs all curricula changes into the database while the Marketing and Public Relations Department works with other College departments to update the remaining informational content.

The online version of the College Catalog is considered the official academic document of the College.

The following production schedule has been adopted by the Marketing and Public Relations Department in order to meet established deadlines, to adhere to TAOC requirements, and to ensure that the College has an updated catalog with which to advise incoming students for each fall semester. All other departments and divisions of the College are asked to make these deadlines a priority in order to ensure that an accurate and timely publication is produced.

December 1

Archive the current year’s Catalog on the web portal (MyCCBC) in order to allow the Director of Enrollment Services to start making curriculum changes in Jenzabar. Archived catalogs are found at

Past year catalogs are also available on a shared drive so all employees will be able to access them as needed.

Last Day of Fall Semester

This is the deadline to submit curriculum changes for inclusion in the next academic year’s catalog. Once approved, all curriculum-related changes are submitted directly to the Director of Enrollment Services for updating of the Jenzabar catalog.

First Day of Spring Semester

An email (with attached Word document) is sent to administrators and copied to the appropriate Vice President asking them to review, update, and/or proofread Catalog content sections for their areas of responsibility by no later than January 31. The administrators and/or their designated staff must send all tracked back to the Publications Coordinator electronically for review and editing as needed.

Graphics Specialist begins work on the design.

2nd Week of January

Updates to the advising trees in Jenzabar are completed by Enrollment Services.

2nd Week of February

The Marketing Department runs reports in Jenzabar to pull curricula changes from the new academic year into an Excel spreadsheet serving as the control document for all program updates in the catalog, on the website, and in brochures.

The updated Word document is sent to the Graphics Specialist for design and layout.

2nd Week of March

The first text-only draft is received by the Vice President of Community Relations and Development and the Director of Communications for review and editing. A copy is also disseminated to the Vice President for Learning and Student Success/Provost. The Provost will be responsible for working with the Division Directors to proof the publication, and to submit revisions back to the Publications Coordinator in electronic format within a two week timeframe.

2nd Week of April

A second text-only draft is received and proofed by the Vice President for Learning and Student Success/Provost and his or her team. Final corrections are to be submitted in electronic format to the Publications Coordinator within a two week timeframe.

April 30

A hard copy of the final publication (including design and layout) is produced for review only. Approval of the final draft should take place within a one-week time period.

First Week in May

The final version of the Catalog is uploaded to the College’s website in both Flipbook and PDF formats. A small quantity is printed by an outside vendor and distributed by the Marketing Department to campus departments and divisions per request.

Updating Tuition, Fees, and other Time-Sensitive Information

Changes to the College’s tuition and fees structure are updated separately according to the following schedule:


The Vice President for Finance and Operations prepares and reviews the disclaimer statement as published in the College Catalog on an annual basis.

The Board of Trustees approves any tuition and fees increases for the next academic year. Changes to tuition costs or fee structures approved at that meeting will go to the Financial Services and Business offices the following day.

Any updates from those offices concerning tuition and fees information in the College Catalog must be submitted to the Publications Coordinator within one week of Board approval.

May 31

Changes to tuition and fees information are made to the College Catalog and a new file is uploaded to the CCBC website.

Changes in narrative after the Catalog’s official publication date are sent to the Director of Communications immediately upon identification.